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What is an Auto Broker?

Simply put, an auto broker manages the process of buying a car on behalf of a customer. This includes finding the desired vehicle, securing finances, negotiating the price and delivering the final paperwork.

Who can use an Auto Broker?

Any person who wants to lease or buy a car can use an auto broker. In the past, auto brokers used to serve the higher end of the auto market (luxury cars), but brokers today will work with anyone seeking to purchase a new car.

Leasing vs Financing

Leasing Advantages: Low out of pocket payment. Low monthly payments. Because you only pay for the portion of the car or truck that you actually use, your monthly payments are 30%-60% lower than for a purchase loan for the same car and same term.

What are the different types of fees associated with leasing a vehicle?

If you are leasing a vehicle for the first time, you may be wondering about the fees and charges associated with leasing a vehicle. While some of the charges are the same ones you will pay when buying, others are unique to leasing.

How much are sales taxes?

U.S. states (excluding New Hampshire, Alaska, and Oregon) impose sales taxes on motor vehicle purchases by consumers. When leasing, the leasing company passes the sales tax along to you, the lessee. Tax amounts vary greatly by State.

What are disposition fees?

This is another common fee, charged by the leasing bank, that is due at the end of your lease contract to compensate the leasing company for the expenses of selling or otherwise disposing of a vehicle.

Are all your cars new?

Yes, all of the cars are brand new. Unless customer is looking for a demo car with a special lease terms.

Are the pictures online of the actual car?

All of our pictures online are stock photos only. We will happily email you pictures of your actual car before delivery.

Can I buy the car at the lease-end?

All of our leases have a set buy back option if you would like to purchase it at the end of your lease term.

Where do I return the car?

Your car can be returned to us or any authorized dealer in the country.

Where do I pick up the car?

Your new car can be picked up at our main location in Brooklyn, NY . We can also deliver the car to your work or home, upon your request.

Where can I service the car?

Since our cars come with full manufacturer warranty, your vehicle can be taken to any dealer for service.

What are documentation, registration, license, tag and title fees?

In many states, there are fees that you will pay regardless of whether you are buying or leasing a vehicle. Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher dealer fees from government fees.


There are many financial options for leasing a vehicle. You only pay a fraction of the price of the car that you actually use (You are actually paying for the difference between the actual price of the car and residual value).

Acquisition/Bank fee

An acquisition fee, also known as a bank fee, is an administration fee charged by the bank NOT the leasing company! This charge is similar to point fees on a mortgage.

What exactly does $0 down mean?

While other dealers advertise a low monthly payment with thousands of dollars down (cap cost reduction), we take a different approach by listing all of our cars with $0 down (cap cost reduction).

Taxes due on down payment

If you make a down payment (reduce Cap Cost) on your lease, certain state and local taxes will be charged depending on the state in which you are leasing. These taxes can be paid at the time you sign your lease.


There are several expenses included in buying a vehicle: a down payment, sales tax, and interest (determined by your credit score) on the loan that will cover the remainder of the cost of the car.

Security deposit

This one time, refundable fee is usually about the same price as your monthly lease payment. At the end of your lease contract, it will be returned to you less any disposition, mileage, or damage charges.

Down payment

This fee is not usually required for car leases. However your first lease payment is due at lease signing which is the time when you would usually pay a down payment when buying a car.


One way in which leasing and purchasing differ is the payment cycle schedule. Instead of paying a loan at the end of the month, you will pay your lease at the beginning of the month to cover the upcoming weeks.

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